Posters and Beyond...


Silkscreen is simply the right way to print posters. Beats digital every time for boldness, style and sophistication. Prices vary according to the paper used and the number of colors.

We recommend French papers (not paper from France but paper made in Michigan by the French Paper Co.) for most things, or Arches 88 (which actually is made in France) for fancy things.

Paper cost is determined by the job. We don’t take a markup, but we do begin editions with 10% extra sheets per ink color, so you are sure to get your full run of perfect prints.

Your final price is the cost of the paper plus:

Print pricing: 

Screen Setup

First color

Each Add’l

Up to 12” x 18” (full bleed):

45.00 ea.



Up to 14” x 20” (full bleed):

45.00 ea.



Up to 18” x 24” (full bleed):

60.00 ea.



Up to 21” x 29” (full bleed):

80.00 ea.



Up to 24” x 36” (full bleed):

150.00 ea.



Above prices apply to runs up to 100 pieces. Discounts are available for longer runs – please send us an email to discuss!

Fine Art:

We specialize in printing unusual things on unusual surfaces for highly particular clients. We are always excited to work with artists and galleries on projects large and small that call for non-standard thinking and rigorous attention to detail. We’ve printed on plastic, glass, wood, metal… basically anything flat you can think of. Get in touch to see our portfolio, and discuss what we might be able to do for you.

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